Latin Grammy® Nominated producer and re-mixer Mr. Pauer has announced three-city mini-tour in July in support of his new single “Pasión” (Feat. Dama Vicke) from the upcoming album “Orange”, presenting his live set performanceMr. Pauer will visit Colombia to perform as a special international guest at the renowned musical fair Circulart in Medellín, and July 4th at La Ventana in Bogota for the music series #LatinoaméricaSuena.  In addition, the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC)  has invited Mr. Pauer to perform at one of its most important showcases at the Highline Ballroom on July 9th, and he will end hi NY visit with an exclusive live set on July 11th at the new Subrosa at Meat Packaging District.

Orange is the new project of Latin Grammy® Nominee artist and Producer Mr. Pauer™.
It is an spontaneous music explorations of his Electrópico™ signature sound combining artists from 4 continents with different cultural and musical backgrounds sung in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Creole).

JULY 2015 Tour Dates:

June 26th – Vedado Social Club, Miami (info)
July 3rd  – Circulart, Medellín, Colombia (info)
July 4th  – La Ventana, Bogotá, Colombia (Info)
July 9th  – LAMC, Highline Ballroom, New York City (Info)
July 11th- Subrosa, New York City (

About Mr. Pauer:
Mr. Pauer™ (Toto González) is a Latin Grammy® Nominated producer and re-mixer born in the Caribbean city of Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, based in Miami, FL. for over 22 years.

He is considered one of the pioneers in the new sounds of Latin electrónica receiving recognition for his debut album “Soundtrack” earning him a nomination for “Best Alternative Album” in the 12th annual Latin Grammy® Awards. He is a music connoisseur and researcher of percussive rhythms from around the world.

Mr. Pauer’s musical influences consist of diverse musical genres ranging from rock, electro, new wave, and house, to tropical, cumbia, and afro-beats, creating the dynamic musical explosion heard in his album a wide variety of mashups in his live shows.

About Electrópico:
Electrópico™ is a music genre born in Miami, Florida by music producer Mr. Pauer™ (Toto González). It is a fusion of electronic dance music mixed with music genres originated between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn (Salsa, Zouk, Reggae, Cumbia, Dancehall, Merengue, Kuduro, Bolero, etc.)
In 2010, Mr. Pauer™ created and used this term for the first time to describe the music that combined the sounds closely related with his childhood growing up in Venezuela and then influenced by living in a multicultural and multi-sound country like the USA.